Aga Khan Education Service Pakistan Jobs 2024

Introduction to Aga Khan Education Service Pakistan Jobs 2024

Aga Khan Education Service Pakistan has recently announced multiple job opportunities for the year 2024. The positions available are for various teaching positions such as Lecturers, Teachers, and more.

Job Positions Available:

The job positions available for Aga Khan Education Service Pakistan Jobs 2024 include

  • Lecturer Biology
  • Teacher Music
  • Teacher Maths
  • Teacher English
  • Teacher Science
  •  Lecturer Chemistry
  • Lecturer Computer Science
  • Physics
  • Social study

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Candidates must possess a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in the relevant field to apply for the job positions available.

Contract Basis:

  • The job positions available are on a contract basis.


The job positions available are for

  • Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

How to Apply:

  • The application process may involve submitting an online application form, uploading relevant documents, and providing personal information.

Required Documents:

The required documents may include a copy of the candidate’s educational certificates, CNIC, passport-sized photographs, and other relevant documents as mentioned in the job advertisement.

Selection Procedure:

The selection procedure may involve a written test, interview, and other selection procedures as deemed necessary by the Aga Khan Education Service Pakistan.

If you are looking for teaching jobs in the education sector, Aga Khan Education Service Pakistan Jobs 2024 may be an excellent opportunity for you. Make sure to check the eligibility criteria and application procedure mentioned in the job advertisement before applying.

Online Jobs in Lahore, Latest Online Jobs Pakistan


Are you tired of traveling long hours to work daily in Lahore’s traffic? Do you want the freedom to work from anywhere, anytime? Look no further than online jobs in Lahore! With the growing trend of remote work and digitization, more and more companies offer online job opportunities. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of online jobs in Lahore and highlight the most popular ones available today. So grab a cup of tea, sit back, and discover how to find your perfect online job near you!

What are online jobs in Lahore?

Online jobs in Lahore refer to the work that can be done remotely using an internet connection. Some online jobs require specific skills such as content writing, web development, or graphic designing, while others only require basic computer knowledge. Online tutoring, virtual assistance, and data entry are typical online jobs in Lahore. They provide a flexible working schedule that benefits students or anyone wanting to earn extra income without leaving home.

Online jobs also offer opportunities for individuals who face challenges commuting long distances due to health issues or other reasons. It helps them connect with clients globally without needing a physical presence. Online jobs have become increasingly popular worldwide, including in Lahore, because they provide convenience, flexibility, and accessibility without compromising productivity or quality of work.

The benefits of online jobs in Lahore

One of Lahore’s most significant advantages of online jobs is their flexibility. Another benefit is access to a broader range of job opportunities. Online jobs do not limit you by location or proximity to employers. seats also provide an opportunity for career growth and development. Furthermore, hiring seats often offer cost savings compared to traditional office-based employment. Having to commute from home to the office daily saves on transportation costs, while working remotely alleviates pressure on paying rent at a co-working space or leasing an office area, saving expenses on utilities like water & electricity bills.

Online job platforms typically allow freelancers or remote workers greater autonomy over how much they want to earn per project, allowing them adequate time management for ideal productivity levels leading toward consistent profitability while maintaining quality standards without physician supervision.

The most popular online jobs in Lahore

Hiring jobs have become increasingly popular in Lahore due to their flexibility and convenience.
1. Content Writing: Freelance content writing is one of Lahore’s most lucrative and in-demand. Many businesses require unique, high-quality content for their websites or social media platforms, making this an excellent opportunity for writers.

2. Data Entry: Data entry is a relatively easy job that requires basic computer skills and attention to detail. This job involves entering data into spreadsheets or databases from various sources.

3. Virtual Assistance: A virtual assistant’s primary role is to provide administrative support remotely for clients worldwide.

4. Graphic Designing: With many businesses requiring visually appealing graphics for their products or services, graphic designing has become a highly sought-after skill set, creating plenty of opportunities for aspiring designers.

5. Online Tutoring: The pandemic has disrupted traditional classrooms globally; hence there’s been an increase in demand for qualified teachers or tutors who can teach students via video conferencing apps like Zoom.

These are just some examples of the wide range of available seats near me today!

How to find online jobs in Lahore

One of the best places to start is searching on job boards and freelance websites like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, and PeoplePerHour. Another way to find online work is through social media platforms like LinkedIn or even Facebook groups dedicated to remote work. Networking with other professionals in your industry can also be helpful when it comes to finding online jobs. Attend virtual events or join forums where you can connect with others who may have leads on freelance opportunities.

Consider reaching out directly to companies that offer remote positions. Many businesses now have fully remote teams and are always searching for talented individuals to fill their open roles. Using these methods and staying persistent in your search increase your chances of landing an online job in Lahore that’s right for you!


To sum up, online jobs in Lahore have become famous for many job seekers due to their flexibility, convenience, and potential to earn a good income. Don’t be lured into scams that promise quick money without any effort.

Online jobs offer excellent prospects for those seeking alternative work options. So why not explore this growing field and discover what opportunities await you? Start searching today!

Pakistan jobs in Baitul Mal latest career jobs

Pakistan Baitul Mal jobs are announced all over Pakistan. There are various jobs which invite interested candidates. The jobs are Caretaker, Clerk, Assistant Warden, Instructor, Teacher, Qaria and Other vacancies. Eligible candidates should be called for the test and interview.

Name of the organization:

  • Pakistan Baitul Mal

Name of the Vacancies:

  • Caretaker
  • Clerks
  • Assistant Warden
  • Instructors
  • Teachers
  • Qaria


  • Middle, Primary, Matric, Intermediate and Graduation

A number of jobs:

  • 80+


  • 25000/RS per month


  • Balouchistan


  • Male or Female

Age limit:

  • 18 to 55 years

Visit the Website for more details.

Sindh government jobs today – New jobs in Sindh

Are you a resident of Sindh looking for employment opportunities in the government sector? The Sindh government has announced new job openings today that match your skills and qualifications. With upcoming changes in the recruitment process, it’s essential to stay updated with the latest information regarding Sindh government jobs. This blog post will discuss new jobs in Sindh and how to apply for them. So, let’s dive into it!

Sindh government jobs today

The Sindh government has announced many job opportunities for candidates with diverse backgrounds in various departments. Today, the government announced vacancies for positions such as assistant director, junior clerk, electrician, etc. These job openings are expected to be highly competitive due to the high demand for government jobs. Therefore, interested candidates must prepare by brushing up on their knowledge and skills related to the position they’re applying for.

Furthermore, these jobs offer excellent career growth opportunities and other benefits such as health insurance, pensions, etc. The salary packages offered by the Sindh government are also quite attractive compared to those offered in the private sector. So if you’re looking for stable employment with ample growth potential and benefits, keep an eye out for updates regarding Sindh government jobs today!

Upcoming changes in Sindh government jobs

The Sindh government is making significant changes in the recruitment process for its upcoming jobs. The primary focus of these changes is to make the hiring process more transparent and efficient. One of the most notable changes is that all job vacancies will be advertised on a centralized platform. This move aims to eliminate corruption or favoritism during the recruitment process. Additionally, it will ensure that eligible candidates across different regions have equal opportunities to apply for the available positions.

Another significant change relates to the qualifications required for specific roles. In line with international practices, more than academic credentials are sometimes required. The government plans to prioritize individuals with relevant work experience and skills necessary for specific positions. Furthermore, there are talks about introducing an online application system that streamlines the entire recruitment process from start to finish. This system would facilitate applicants by eliminating manual paperwork requirements and reducing processing times significantly.

These measures suggest broader systemic reforms to improve transparency and accountability within the Sindh government’s hiring processes while ensuring fair opportunities for deserving candidates regardless of their backgrounds or affiliations.

New jobs in Sindh

  • The Sindh government recently announced new job opportunities for aspiring individuals seeking employment. These job vacancies span various departments and sectors in the Sindh province, such as health, education, law enforcement, etc.
  • The health sector is one of the most prominent sectors offering these new jobs. The Sindh government is looking to recruit medical staff, including doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. This move comes amidst a pandemic where there’s an urgent need for additional medical personnel to help combat Covid-19.
  • In addition, numerous administrative roles have opened up in various provincial government departments. From clerks to managers and executives – all levels of experience are welcome to apply.
  • Moreover, several teaching positions are available throughout schools and colleges in Sindh. With an emphasis on quality education for all students regardless of background or socio-economic status, qualified teachers are always needed.
  • To apply for these new job openings in Sindh Government, candidates can visit official websites or contact recruitment agencies directly. It’s essential to watch for deadlines and requirements before applying.
  • With these newly announced jobs across different sectors within the province, it’s clear that the Sindhi Government aims to create employment opportunities while catering to essential service needs and keeping up with modern demands of public administration practices.

How to apply for Sindh government jobs

Applying for Sindh government jobs can be daunting, but with the correct information and preparation, it doesn’t have to be. The first step is to visit the official website of the relevant department or agency you wish to apply for. You will find all the necessary information regarding available positions and their requirements. Once you have identified a suitable position, read through its job description carefully to ensure you meet all the eligibility criteria before applying. You must also prepare your CV and any other supporting documents required by the application process.

Next, follow the instructions on submitting your application form online or offline via post. Double-check all details entered in your application form, as any errors may result in disqualification. Keeping track of deadlines and submission dates is essential to take advantage of all opportunities. Make sure to complete all required steps before submitting your application form. Wait patiently for updates from the hiring department regarding your status regarding being considered for an interview or selected for further assessment. Remember that not everyone who applies gets hired immediately – persistence is key!


The Sindh government is constantly working towards providing new job opportunities to its citizens. With the upcoming changes in the recruitment system, it will become easier for individuals to apply and get selected for their desired positions. If you’re looking for employment in Sindh, keep an eye on the latest job postings and stay updated with any changes made by the government. Make sure to prepare well before applying, as competition can be challenging.

Remember that getting a government job provides financial stability and many benefits, such as health insurance, retirement plans, and other perks. So make sure to take advantage of these opportunities when they arise. We hope this article has helped you understand more about Sindh government jobs today and how you can apply for them. Keep striving towards your career goals!-

Join Pak Navy Jobs as Sailor Apply Online

Today apply online to join pak navy gov pk jobs as a sailor and embark on an exciting career. Are you looking for an exciting career that will challenge and inspire you? The Pakistan Navy is one of the most prestigious institutions in the country, with a proud history dating back to its establishment in 1947. As a sailor, you will have opportunities for personal growth, professional development, and adventure on the high seas. Plus, with online applications available through, applying has never been easier! In this blog post, we’ll explore what it takes to become a Pak Navy sailor and why it might be the perfect career choice for you.

What is the Pak Navy?

The Pakistan Navy is the naval warfare branch of the Pakistan Armed Forces responsible for defending coastal areas, conducting maritime operations, and safeguarding national interests. It was established in 1947 after the Partition of India and has since grown to become one of the most respected institutions in Pakistan. With its headquarters located in Islamabad, Pak Navy operates under the Ministry of Defense and has a fleet consisting of surface ships, submarines, aircraft, and special forces. The Navy also boasts modern equipment and technology that allows it to carry out missions with efficiency.

Pak Navy plays an important role in maintaining regional stability by working closely with other navies around the world. In addition to providing security at sea, it also contributes to humanitarian efforts during natural disasters or other crises. Joining Pak Navy as a sailor offers unique opportunities for adventure while serving your country. With its strong tradition of excellence and dedication to service, this could be just the career path you’ve been looking for!

How to Join the Pak Navy?

  1. The process of joining the Pak Navy as a sailor involves several steps. Firstly, interested candidates must check their eligibility criteria which include educational requirements, age limit, height, weight, and fitness standards. Once they have confirmed that they meet all the required criteria, they can apply online through the official website
  2. After submitting an application form online, candidates will be called for an entrance test which includes intelligence tests and subject-related tests. Those who pass these tests move on to physical tests including running and push-ups.
  3. Candidates who qualify for physical tests then proceed to medical examinations which include eyesight testing and general health assessments. Naval officials invite successful applicants for an interview before selecting them as sailors.
  4. In summary, joining the Pak Navy requires determination and dedication from interested candidates who must go through several stages of selection procedures including meeting eligibility criteria, passing entrance exams/tests/physicals/medical examinations/interviews etcetera to become part of this esteemed institution.

The Benefits of Joining the Pak Navy

  • Joining the Pak Navy is a great opportunity for those who want to serve their country and at the same time, build a fulfilling career. Numerous benefits come with joining this prestigious organization.
  • Firstly, you get to enjoy job security and stability. The Pak Navy offers long-term career opportunities with job security, ensuring that you have steady employment throughout your working years.
  • Secondly, there are excellent training programs available for sailors in the Navy. These training programs provide individuals with valuable skills such as leadership, teamwork, and discipline that they can apply not only in the Navy but also in other areas of life.
  • Thirdly, you will receive competitive salaries and allowances as part of your package when you join the Pak Navy. This means that you will earn well while doing meaningful work serving your nation.
  • Furthermore, joining the Navy provides an opportunity to see different parts of Pakistan or even abroad through deployments or assignments given by your commanding officer. It’s a great chance to expand one’s horizons both culturally and geographically.
  • Last but not least, Pak Navy hospitals provide healthcare benefits, and veterans are given significant retirement benefits after completing their service tenure, ensuring peace of mind and post-retirement care.

  • Joining the Pak Navy allows individuals to serve their country whilst receiving many tangible personal growth-oriented advantages!

Apply Online for Sailor Jobs

To apply for Sailor jobs in the Pakistan Navy, interested candidates can visit the official website of The online application process is quite simple and user-friendly. Before applying online, however, it is important to read all the instructions carefully. The first step in the application process is to register on the website by providing basic information like name, email address, and phone number. After registration comes filling out the application form with personal details including education qualifications and previous work experience if any.

Applicants must provide accurate information in their forms because false or misleading information could lead to disqualification or even legal action. Once completed, applicants should submit their forms along with any required documents like educational certificates, etc. After applying successfully online, a candidate will be notified via email about his/her eligibility status and further selection procedures like written tests, etc. Which they must attend as per schedule. Applying for Sailor jobs through’s user-friendly portal makes recruitment easier than ever before!


Joining the Pak Navy as a sailor can be an excellent career choice for those looking to serve their country while also gaining valuable skills and experience. With a straightforward online application process available on, it has never been easier to apply for this exciting opportunity.

Moreover, the benefits of being in the Pak Navy are numerous. Sailors can enjoy a fulfilling career that offers job security, steady pay, opportunities for advancement, and training, leading to personal and professional growth. Don’t hesitate to submit your application today if you’re interested in joining the Pak Navy as a sailor.

Rangers jobs 2024 Latest Advertisement Apply online

Rangers jobs 2024 Latest Advertisement Apply online

Attention all adventurers and nature enthusiasts! Look no further than Rangers Jobs 2024! The Rangers are currently seeking talented individuals to join their team, protecting and preserving our planet’s natural wonders. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the operation process, punctuate the needed qualifications, bandy the benefits of working with the Rangers, and much further. So put on your hiking thrills and get ready for an instigative occasion that could change your life ever!

The Ranger’s job opening

The job opening is an excellent opportunity to work with like-minded professionals dedicated to preserving our planet’s beauty. As a ranger, you will be responsible for upholding regulations, managing wildlife populations, and enforcing park rules. You’ll also work closely with visitors, educating them on the importance of conservation efforts and ensuring their safety during their stay.

This position requires physical stamina as well as critical thinking skills necessary to manage potential emergencies such as wildfires or wildlife encounters. A successful candidate must possess strong communication skills, both verbal and written. If you’re someone who enjoys working outside in nature and wants to make an impact on the environment while helping others enjoy it safely, apply today!

How to apply online?

Applying for a career with the Rangers is now easier than ever. Here’s how to apply online:

First, visit the official Rangers website and navigate to their careers page. From there, you will be suitable to browse through all available job openings. Once you’ve set up a position that interests you, click on it to read its full job description and requirements. However, click on” Apply Now” at the bottom of the runner, If you meet those conditions.

This will take you to an operation form where you will need to fill in your details and upload any needed documents similar to your capsule or cover letter. Any deficient or incorrect information may affect the detention or rejection of your operation.

After submitting your application, keep an eye out for any updates via email or phone call from the Rangers recruitment team regarding the next steps in processing applications. By following these simple steps when applying online for a career with Rangers jobs, you’re one step closer to securing employment with Scotland’s most iconic law enforcement agency!

What are the required qualifications?

Originally, all aspirants must be at least 18 times old and have a high academy parchment or original education. In addition, candidates must pass a thorough background check and drug test.

Aspiring Rangers should also possess strong physical fitness as many of the roles require extensive outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and search-and-rescue missions. Good communication skills are essential too since effective communication is critical in various emergencies.

Moreover, experience in law enforcement or military service is highly valued but not mandatory. A degree in criminal justice or related fields may give an added advantage during the selection process.

Meeting these qualifications does not guarantee employment with the Rangers; however, it increases your chances of being considered for one of their open positions. So if you’re passionate about protecting nature while serving your country and community then start working on meeting these requirements today!

How long does it take to reuse an operation?

The processing time can vary depending on the number of applications received and the specific job opening. Generally, it takes around two to four weeks for an original review of operations to be completed. During this time, the babe will look through each operation to ensure that campaigners meet the minimum qualifications needed for the position.

Still, you may be communicated for further information or invited to share in an interview, If your operation meets these conditions. This process can take another few weeks as recruiters narrow down their list of potential candidates.

After interviews are conducted and a final decision is made, candidates will typically receive notification within one week. It’s important to keep in mind that some positions may require additional background checks or screenings which could prolong the hiring process.

While there is no set timeline for processing Ranger job applications, being patient and following up when appropriate can help ensure that your application receives proper consideration.

What are the benefits of Ranger’s jobs?

  • If you’re considering a career with the Rangers jobs, there are many benefits to keep in mind. Firstly, as a law enforcement agency, the Rangers offer job stability and security. It’s a reputed association with a long history of serving Texas and its communities.
  • Also, working for the Rangers means you will have access to excellent benefits similar as health insurance, withdrawal plans, paid holiday time, and sick leave. These gratuities allow workers to take care of themselves and their families while having peace of mind knowing they are taken care of financially.
  • Another benefit of working for the Rangers jobs is that it offers opportunities for professional growth and development. The organization provides ongoing training programs that help employees stay up-to-date on current policies and procedures while also offering advancement opportunities within different departments.
  • Moreover, being part of an elite team like the Texas Rangers can bring immense pride and satisfaction to your work life. You will be part of an organization dedicated to protecting people from harm while upholding justice.
  • Choosing a career with the Texas Ranger Division comes with numerous advantages that go beyond competitive salaries alone. Stable employment prospects; excellent benefits; avenues for professional growth. Joining an elite force committed to public safety is some reason why it may just be one right choice!


A career with the Rangers offers a unique and rewarding opportunity to serve your country. While also developing valuable skills and experiences. There is a role within the Rangers that can match your interests and strengths.

You can easily apply for one of the exciting job openings with the Rangers. We hope this article has helped provide you with all the necessary information regarding Rangers jobs 2024. Good luck on your journey toward becoming a Ranger!

Best MP4 to MP3 Apps for iOS and Android Devices[2024]

Best MP4 to MP3 Apps for iOS and Android Devices[2024]


Welcome to the world of digital music! With so many audio formats and devices in the market, finding the perfect app that converts your MP4 files into MP3s can be a real pain. But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! This blog post discusses the best MP4 to MP3 converter apps for iOS and Android platforms. And the best part, youtube to mp3? You won’t have to spend extra bucks as most of these are free! So sit back, relax and learn how to turn your favourite videos into fantastic audio with just a few clicks.

MP4 to MP3 Converter for iOS

If you’re an iOS user, look only as far as the MP4 to youtube to mp3 converter apps available on the App Store. One of the most popular options is ‘MyMP3’, which allows you to easily convert your MP4 files into high-quality MP3s without losing audio quality.

Another great option for iOS users is the ‘Video to youtube to mp3 Converter’. This app converts your video files and lets you edit and trim them for a more personalized experience. It’s simple interface and easy-to-use features make it perfect for beginners who want a hassle-free conversion process.

For those looking for more advanced options, ‘Audio Converter Pro might be just what you need. “Revolutionize Your Video Experience: Effortlessly Convert and Customize Your Videos with Our Game-Changing App in 2024”

into audio formats and adjust settings such as bit rate, sample rate, and volume control according to your preferences. With these amazing apps, transforming your favourite videos into fantastic audio has never been easier!

MP4 to MP3 Converter for Android

Are you tired of downloading a separate app to convert your MP4 videos into MP3 audio tracks? Good news! Many free and easy-to-use MP4 to MP3 converter apps are available for Android devices. One such app, the Video Converter, allows users to quickly and easily convert their favourite videos into high-quality audio files. “Unleash Video Versatility: Experience Seamless Format Support, Including MP4, with Our Cutting-edge App in 2024”

MP4 to MP3

AVI, WMV, and MOV.

Another great option is the Media Converter app. This powerful tool converts videos from one format to another, allowing users to edit their videos before converting them. This app gives you complete control over your converted files with features like trim and crop functions.

And if you’re looking for an all-in-one media solution that can do everything from file conversion to screen recording, look no further than the All-In-One Toolbox app. This versatile tool offers many valuable features for optimizing your device’s performance while providing advanced video conversion capabilities. So whether you’re looking for a straightforward converter or a comprehensive media toolbox with all the bells and whistles, an Android app will meet your needs.

Free Online MP4 to MP3 Converter

  • Are you on a tight budget but still need to convert your MP4 files into MP3 format? Look no further than free online MP4 to MP3 converters! These tools are easily accessible and can save you the hassle of downloading software onto your device.
  • One popular option is, which boasts an easy-to-use interface and a quick conversion process.”Streamline File Conversion Effortlessly: Upload, Convert, and Select Your Desired Output Format with These Top Online Tools in 2024. Voila!
  • Another great choice is Convertio. Co, which offers a variety of customizable options such as bitrate and sample rate. Plus, it supports multiple file uploads simultaneously for those looking to convert large batches of files.
  • For those concerned about privacy and security when using online converters, there are also options like that offer SSL encryption for added safety.
  • These free online tools provide a convenient solution for users seeking a simple way to convert their MP4 files into a widely-compatible MP3 format without breaking the bank.


Various MP4 to MP3 converter apps are available for iOS and Android devices. These apps can help you convert your favourite videos into audio files you can listen to anytime and anywhere.

Some of the top-rated apps include Video to youtube to mp3  Converter by InShot Inc., MyMP3 by Local Network Media, and Timbre – Cut, Join, Convert Mp3 Audio & Mp4 Video by Xeus. All these apps are easy-to-use and have features like batch conversion, customization options, and high-speed conversions.

Apart from these applications, there are also accessible “Discover the Top Online Converters for Effortless File Conversion in 2024 video files into audio formats without installing any software on your device. Just upload the file onto their website and let them do the rest!

Finally! You have many options for converting your favourite videos into MP3 audio. Whether you prefer using an app or an online tool – the choice is yours!

Teaching jobs in Islamabad School


Sadiq Public School, located in Bahawalpur, Islamabad, Punjab, Pakistan, has announced several Teaching jobs in Islamabad opportunities in its management department in a recent advertisement in the Daily Dawn newspaper on 1st May 2024. The school is seeking highly motivated, qualified, and experienced individuals for the vacant positions.

The job vacancies that are currently available at Sadiq Public School Bahawalpur are

  • House Superintendent
  • Coordinator, Economics Teacher
  • Nursing Assistant
  • Business Studies Teacher
  • Islamiat Teacher
  • English Teacher
  • House Matron

Candidates who have completed their:

  • Master
  • Bachelor
  • MPhil
  • MA
  • MS
  • MS degrees

Responsibilities and Requirements:

The selected candidates must have responsibilities and abilities for various tasks, including:

House Superintendent: The House Superintendent will be responsible to manage the boarding house, the welfare of students, also maintaining the building, and supervising staff.

Coordinator: The Coordinator will be responsible for managing and coordinating the academic activities of the school, including lesson planning, assessments, and teacher training.

Economics Teacher: The Economics Teacher will be responsible for teaching economics to students and developing lesson plans, assessments, and teaching materials.

Nursing Assistant: The Nursing Assistant should have a responsibility to provide medical assistance to students and maintain the school records.

Business Studies Teacher: The Business Studies Teacher will be responsible for teaching business studies to students and developing lesson plans, assessments, and teaching materials.

Islamiat Teacher: The Islamiat Teacher will be responsible for teaching Islamiat to students and developing lesson plans, assessments, and teaching materials.

English Teacher: English Teachers should also have good speaking English and also teach English to students. Teachers are also able to develop lesson plans, and assessments, and provide materials to students.

House Matron: The House Matron will be responsible for managing the boarding house, including the welfare of students, maintenance of the building, and supervision of staff.

Details about the Teaching jobs in Islamabad:

The job type is full-time, and candidates should apply online by uploading their CVs. The applicants are required to be 25 applicants for the job. The last date for submitting the application is 08 May 2024 or as per the closing date mentioned in the newspaper ad.


In conclusion, Sadiq Public School Bahawalpur is offering excellent job opportunities in its management department for qualified and experienced individuals. The school provides an ideal working environment, competitive salaries, and benefits packages to its employees. Interested candidates should read the complete advertisement online to know more about the application process and job requirements.

FIA Upcoming Jobs 2024 Federal Investigation Agency

FIA Upcoming Jobs 2024 Federal Investigation Agency


Are you interested in working for a government agency that protects Pakistan’s citizens? Look no further than the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). With upcoming jobs available in 2024, now is the perfect time to explore career opportunities within FIA. In this blog post, we will dive into what FIA does and the various positions available within the agency. We’ll also discuss how to apply for a job with FIA and highlight some of the benefits of joining this prestigious organization.

What FIA is

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is a law enforcement agency that operates under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Interior in Pakistan. Its primary purpose is to investigate federal crimes, including human trafficking, immigration offenses, cybercrime, money laundering, and terrorism. Established in 1975 by the Government of Pakistan, FIA has been instrumental in maintaining national security and protecting citizens from various threats. The agency comprises highly trained staff who work relentlessly to provide a secure environment for all Pakistani nationals.

In addition to its investigative functions, FIA also works closely with other domestic and international law enforcement agencies to ensure seamless coordination in fighting crime. The agency plays an integral role in ensuring justice for victims while upholding ethical standards throughout its operations. FIA represents an integral part of Pakistan’s criminal justice system. With upcoming jobs available for aspiring candidates looking to join this prestigious organization, now is the perfect time to consider pursuing a career within FIA!

What FIA does

FIA’s primary objective is investigating various crimes, including cybercrime, human trafficking, money laundering, and terrorism financing. One of the primary responsibilities of the FIA is to monitor and control cross-border movements. The agency also plays a vital role in combating smuggling activities by monitoring ports and airports. Another area where FIA operates is against economic crime such as fraud, forgery, and counterfeiting currency notes or documents. It works closely with other agencies like the Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), State Bank Of Pakistan (SBP), National Accountability Bureau (NAB), etc., to curb fraudulent practices within financial institutions operating in Pakistan.

Cybercrime has become increasingly common, and FIA has established special units investigating these offenses. These include hacking attempts on government websites or data thefts from private companies. FIA plays a critical role in maintaining law and order across different areas within the country while always safeguarding national security interests.

The positions within FIA

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is a prestigious law enforcement agency in Pakistan that offers various job opportunities. There are different positions within FIA, ranging from entry-level to senior management. One of the most popular positions is the Investigator. Investigators gather and analyze evidence related to criminal activities, conduct interviews with witnesses and suspects, and collaborate with other agencies on high-profile cases. Another crucial position within FIA is the Assistant Director. This role involves supervising investigations, managing teams of investigators, coordinating with other departments, and supporting senior leadership.

Additionally, several administrative roles are available within FIA, such as Data Entry Operator or Stenographer. These roles are essential in supporting the agency’s operations by performing clerical tasks such as recording information into databases or transcribing legal documents. To qualify for these jobs at FIA, applicants must meet specific requirements, including education level or previous experience in relevant fields like law enforcement. Working at FIA can be a good career path for those interested in serving their country through law enforcement while also gaining valuable skills and experiences required for professional growth.

How to apply for a job with FIA

To apply for a job with FIA, you must meet the eligibility criteria specified by the agency. First, you must be a Pakistani citizen with a bachelor’s degree from an HEC-recognized university. Once you have confirmed your eligibility, you can visit the official website of FIA or the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) to check for any upcoming vacancies. You can also watch newspapers or job portals that frequently post job openings in this department. When applying online, complete all required information accurately and attach all necessary documents such as educational certificates, CNIC copies, domicile certificates, etc.

After submitting your application form successfully, prepare yourself for written tests followed by interviews if shortlisted. The final selection is based on overall performance in these assessments and the agency’s mental and physical fitness tests. It is important to note that recruitment in FIA follows strict rules and regulations, so follow instructions carefully throughout the process.

The benefits of working for FIA

  • Working for the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) offers numerous benefits, making it an attractive career option. The FIA is a prestigious organization with a long and illustrious history of protecting Pakistan’s national interests. Working at such an esteemed institution gives employees a sense of pride, purpose, and meaning.
  • The FIA is also committed to providing its employees with competitive salaries and benefits packages that include health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off. These benefits help ensure that employees are well taken care of both during their tenure at the agency and after they retire.
  • In addition to financial security, working at the FIA offers opportunities for personal growth and professional development. Employees have access to training programs and other resources that allow them to enhance their skills, learn new things, and advance in their careers.
  • Moreover, working for the FIA allows individuals to work on meaningful projects that contribute towards securing Pakistan’s borders from external threats. It allows one to be part of something important while serving one’s country.
  • Being employed by the FIA opens up doors for networking opportunities within law enforcement agencies worldwide which can lead to even more promising career prospects in the future.
  • Working for the Federal Investigation Agency is an excellent opportunity for those seeking job stability and meaningful work coupled with comprehensive benefit packages ensuring employee satisfaction throughout their service years!


The Federal Investigation Agency is an important organization that plays a vital role in maintaining law and order in Pakistan. The agency offers a range of exciting and challenging career opportunities for those who are interested in serving their country. Watch for upcoming vacancies if you’re looking for a job with FIA. Take the time to research available positions and find one that matches your skills and interests.

Working for FIA can offer many benefits, including competitive salaries, opportunities for growth and development, and the chance to make a real difference in society. So if you’re passionate about positively impacting your community while pursuing an exciting career path, consider applying for one of the FIA jobs in 2024. You never know where this opportunity may lead you!

Islamabad Police Jobs 2024 – Capital Territory

Islamabad Police Jobs 2024


Look no further than the Islamabad Capital Territory Police! As the primary law enforcement agency in Pakistan’s capital megacity, Islamabad, the ICT Police is responsible for icing public safety and maintaining peace. With a variety of job openings available, from bobbies to older officers, there is a plenitude of options to fit your chops and interests.

In this composition, we’ll take a near look at what it takes to join the species of this recognized association and how you can apply for Islamabad police jobs. So buckle up and get ready to learn more about one of Pakistan’s most dynamic police forces!

The Islamabad Capital Territory Police

The Islamabad Capital Territory Police is a law enforcement agency responsible for maintaining peace and order in the capital mega city of Pakistan. The police force was established in 1981, and since also, it has been serving the citizens with fidelity and commitment. One of the primary objectives of the Islamabad Capital Territory Police is to ensure public safety by precluding crime and arresting culprits.

They are also responsible for managing traffic flow on roads, protecting important buildings and installations, providing security during national events or VIP visits, as well as responding to emergencies such as natural disasters. The police department comprises various units specializing in different areas like investigation, intelligence gathering, traffic management, counter-terrorism operations, etc.

To achieve their goals efficiently, the Islamabad Capital Territory Police employs highly trained personnel who undergo rigorous training programs before joining active duty.
The Islamabad Capital Territory Police is an integral part of society committed to keeping civilians safe while upholding justice at all times. Their work ensures that people can live peacefully without fear or harm from criminal elements within their community.

Jobs Types Islamabad Captial Police
Published in Jang Newspaper
Published Date 17 May 2024
Job location Islamabad, Punjab, Pakistan
Jobs types Government
Number of Posts 500+
Age allowed 18-22 years
Experiences Fresh

Jobs in the Islamabad Capital Territory Police

The Islamabad Capital Territory Police offers a wide range of job opportunities for individuals looking to serve their country and community. The Islamabad Capital Territory Police is a law enforcement agency responsible for maintaining peace and order in the capital mega city of Pakistan. The police force was established in 1981, and since also, it has been serving the citizens with fidelity and commitment.

One of the primary objectives of the Islamabad Capital Territory Police is to ensure public safety by precluding crime and arresting culprits. Other positions available include head constables, ASIs (Assistant Sub Inspectors), inspectors, and superintendents.

In addition to traditional police roles, there are also opportunities within specialized units such as traffic police or investigation agencies. These positions often require additional training or education beyond what is required for general duty officers.

Working with the Islamabad Capital Territory Police can be an incredibly rewarding career choice for those passionate about serving their community and keeping citizens safe from harm.

Islamabad Jobs Applying Criteria:

  • Firstly, applicants should have a minimum education of Matriculation or Intermediate from a recognized educational institute.
  • Moreover, physical fitness is also an important criterion. Candidates must meet the height and chest measurement standards as specified by the department. In addition, applicants will undergo physical tests such as running and endurance exercises during recruitment.
  • Furthermore, individuals with criminal records or those found involved in any illegal activities are not eligible for these positions.
  • Meeting all eligibility criteria is mandatory if one wishes to join the Islamabad Capital Territory Police Force. These requirements help ensure that only deserving candidates can serve their country in this vital role of law enforcement.
01 Sub-Inspector (SI)
02 Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI)
03 Constable
04 Data Entry Operator
05 Sweeper
06 Tailor master

How to Apply for Islamabad Capital Territory Police Jobs

Applying for a job with the Islamabad Capital Territory Police is a straightforward process. This can include age limits, physical fitness standards, educational qualifications and more.

Make sure to provide all necessary information accurately and completely. Along with your application form, you will need to submit supporting documents such as copies of your academic degrees or certificates and any other relevant documentation required by ICTP.

N0.01 Download Form Submit Degree
N0.02 Qualification required Matric-Master
N0.03 Height Required 5.7 feet
N0.04 Applying Process Online
N0.05 Last Date of Applying 31 May 2024

After submitting your application, stay tuned for updates on the recruitment process via email or SMS. If selected for further consideration, expect to undergo additional testing including written exams, physical tests, and interviews.

In summary, applying for Islamabad Capital Territory Police Jobs involves reviewing eligibility criteria carefully before completing an accurate and complete application form along with necessary supporting documents proving compliance with these requirements.


To sum up, Islamabad Capital Territory Police Jobs 2024 is a great opportunity for those looking to serve their country and community. The ICT Police is an esteemed law enforcement agency that provides its officers with excellent training and career growth opportunities.

If you meet the eligibility criteria, then make sure to apply for the available positions in the ICT Police force. We hope this article has provided you with valuable information on how to apply for Islamabad Capital Territory Police jobs. Stay tuned for more updates regarding recruitment announcements from the ICT police department. Best of luck!